Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating

Airbrushing is the next big thing. You hear about in women’s makeup. But, airbrushing can now be done on cakes. This would make so many possibilities come alive on a cake. With traditional cake decorating, this could not be possible. Here is a quick how to guide.

When Selecting Cake Airbrush Kit

If you are just starting with cake decoration or if you are professional looking for solid kit, Master and PointZero are the two brands you can always trust. Both kits come with a powerful airbrush compressor, two sets of cake airbrush and 6-12 Amerimist Cake colors. You can read more about them here.

Master Cake Airbrush Kit

PointZero Cake Airbrush Decorating Kit 

How to Decorate Cake – Video

This video will be very helpful if you are starting out. This exactly explains how to use your cake airbrush, how to spray the colors and decorate the cake. Watch this video before starting your next project

Tips for Your Cake Decoration

  • The most important safety tip is cross contamination. Do not ever use the airbrush for crafting and not clean it. Always follow the instruction and care guide in the manual. Cleaning the airbrush machine will keep the airbrush from being clogged and running smoothly. It will prolong the life also.
  • Use the same food coloring you would use for Easter eggs or anything else. This is considered food safe colors. You can find them in your grocery store’s food section around the spices. Do not use crafting colors as they are not food safe!
  • Now, for the fun part, airbrushing the cake. Make a picture of what you want the cake to look like. Do a paint by numbers if you have to. Red goes for the flowers, blue for the sky, and so on.
  • To learn how to use the airbrush, just practice on construction or parchment paper or paper towels. Learning the speed and angle of how you are holding it will determine the pressure while you are “piping”. When this is accomplished, use your kids coloring book. This will teach you to stay within the lines and putting your colors where without bleeding into each other. Remember to cover your area you are practicing on. Use old newspapers or a tablecloth that is plastic.
  • The rule of thumb is six to eight inches. If too far away, your color gets splashed on everything. If too close to the cake, well the cake will have pot holes in it. This is because air is being forced very fast through the nozzle. Use the rule of thumb, and you will be a cake artist.
  • To become a cake decorator with the airbrush, learn to be an artist. Hold the nozzle at a ninety degree angle for lines to be sharp and defined. If you like softness, then hold the nozzle at a forty-five degree angle instead. This is a great idea to make a fluffy kitten and switching up to a sun with rays. If you want a darker image, just go back over the lines like you would if you were using a pencil. Learn you colors. Combine colors to create different colors and textures.
  • When changing out colors, just use a ketchup bottle that is squeezable with hot water. Clean out the pipes, remember to dry thoroughly and start again. A drop of water will make your color run. This will help keep the airbrush needle from having a build up, becoming clogged, and getting germs also.
  • Remember using an airbrush for a cake can be used with or without icing. There are numerous ways to decorate. There are also stencils available to help with more ideas.