Harry Potter DIY : Magic Wands with Polymer Clay

Baguettes magiques Harry Potter en pâte fimo

The universe of wizards is not done enchanting us yet with Fantastic beasts and where to find them, the new saga taking place in Harry Potter’s world!

Natalie, from the Doodlecraft blog, had an excellent idea which is now more relevant than ever: making magic wands similar to those that Hogwarts students can find at Ollivander.

This project is perfect for kids: no need to use glue or paint, and it’s really inexpensive.

It all starts with a little walk to find the branches that will serve as a base. Straight or curved branches, or even knotted roots, one is needed for every taste!

Then you have to clean the branches and prune them to remove the bark. Be careful, at this stage, it is important to supervise the children so that they do not get hurt. Trim the branches for them if they are too young.

Finally, comes the moment to add Fimo clay handles and decorations, with a variety of colours (the colours of Hogwarts homes, of course!). You can also embed a crystal, a glass ball or a beautiful stone in the clay. In that way you’ll add a special touch. It’s left just to bake the clay and voila!

More pictures here.

So, don’t you feel a sudden urge to pick up twigs?