How Using a Light Box Can Improve Your Drawing Skills

A drawing light box is not only practical and convenient: it’s also a great learning tool, which will help you master new skills!

Many beginners and aspiring artists are intimidated by the thought of having to draw something free-handedly. For this reason, they often recur to tracing pictures as a way to create faithful copies of original works. After all, it is probably the simplest way to get something on a sheet of paper in the shortest possible time and with the greatest accuracy. In addition to that, tracing is very educational, and it can help you improve your abilities as an artist.

Using a tracing light box is actually the best way to faithfully reproduce artworks, and therefore it’s a great way to begin the process of learning how to draw. Now, before you start doing it, there are some tips you should know to get the most out of your drawing sessions.

Take It Easy, and Don’t Be Afraid to Be Too Slow

Take your time and trace slowly to ensure that your outlines are as precise as possible! This is especially important if you are a beginner. Leaving accidental marks avoided by all means. You have to be also conscious of erroneous lines and things that might cause some confusion when tracing your picture. Don’t worry too much if it’s taking you ages…Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember that skills are built over time, and it takes patience in order to get where you want to be.

Using a light box to improve your drawing skills

Don’t Draw Too Intensely

When tracing a picture, it is quite important to draw quite lightly. This way, it won’t be too hard to erase a stroke, if you made a mistake. Experiment with your touch and find the right compromise, so you come up with a clear design without sinking your pencil into the paper!

Become More Conscious About Details

When you trace designs using a light box, you can become more aware of the various nuances and smaller details that actually make an artwork really great. If you draw free-handedly, trying to emulate another artist’s work, you might miss out on some of the finer details, because you might simply not notice them. However, you’ll definitely notice more when you work with a light box because you’ll have the chance to scrutinize the design under the best possible conditions.

Enabling Your Creativity

Light boxes often enable artists to be more creative. When you are coming up with a drawing, you can get stressed about getting it right the first time, meaning that you might actually miss out on the opportunity to get creative and experiment with new ideas, because you’re too worried about the quality of the final result. Tracing can help you overcome that. You don’t necessarily have to trace every detail of a reference image. You can limit yourself to duplicate only some parts of a reference image, then add your own elements. That way you can be less concerned about getting it right the first time, and more concerned about creating something inspiring!

In conclusion, a tracing light box is an amazing tool, because it enables artists to be more creative while learning more about technique, and even getting a more in-depth understanding of certain pieces and how each design element works in relation to the bigger picture, no pun intended! This remarkable tool is truly an artist’s best friend!

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